Cookie Icing

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This recipe is for icing that works great on cookies – especially sugar cookies. The addition of meringue powder causes the icing to harden, so that the cookies can easily be stacked and transported without worrying about damaging the icing.

You can also make the icing any consistency. In this example I made it thin enough for dipping, but you can make it thick enough for piping by adding more powdered sugar.

To ice approximately 30 small cookies, you will need:

  • 2c sifted confectioner’s (powdered) sugar (more or less for thicker or thinner consistency)
  • 2 tsp meringue powder (Look in the cake making section of Michael’s or another craft store)
  • 1 tsp milk (+more until you reach the desired consistency)
  • 1/2 tsp flavor extract (I highly recommend orange (thanks Nate!), but you can also use vanilla or almond)
  • (Not pictured) 1 tsp butter (helps counteract the super-sweetness of the powdered sugar flavor)

First, melt your butter.

Combine the butter, milk, and flavor extract.

Add in confectioner’s sugar until the icing is the desired consistency.

Stirstirstir. If you end up making it too thick, you can always add more milk.

Drop in a few drops of your desired food coloring. Stir it up… I’ve never tried it, but I bet you could get a cool swirly marble effect on your cookies if you didn’t completely mix in the food coloring!

This is the food coloring I use – much brighter and more fun than the standard pack of primary colors + green!

You can ice the cookies with a spatula, or you can dip them in like this ^ . If you dip them, remove the excess with a butter knife.

My pretties! If you want to add more colors on top of this (or piping, as I did), you will want to let the first layer of icing dry for several hours, or overnight if possible, before adding the second color.

Yep, these are probably the geekiest cookies ever.

I made mostly D20s and a few D4s. Ten points to those who “get” this!

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2 thoughts on “Cookie Icing

  1. Haha, D&D cookies. bravo.
    I’m gonna attempt this for cookies to add in the santa sack I’m making my partner. So hard to find an icing mixture that won’t melt in this heat. Thanks ❤


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