Christmas Recap

Christmas has come and gone. If you ask me, it’s always over too quickly. Everyone (myself included) is so busy trying to make everything perfect that we rarely get the chance to sit back and just enjoy the moment. I’m not trying to be depressing… honest. I blame the coconut balls sitting in front of me, tempting me to nullify my recent workout (more on that later).

Anyway… my husband and I had a great Christmas (except for all the driving)! We managed to make it to both parents’ and all grandparents’ houses in one piece (one piece each, I suppose, if you count both of us? Watching Bones has made me too aware of colloquialisms…), which was an accomplishment considering the constant threats of snow.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, where we enjoyed a satisfying Christmas dinner and some hot wassail. Mom went all out decorating the house, and honestly it all looked amazing! I wish I would have taken more pics. I actually did get a few close-up shots of some of the decorations, but it was pretty dark, and I had to increase my camera’s exposure time so much to compensate that they all turned out blurry.

Does anyone else find the animated/electronic Christmas figurines mildly creepy? Or perhaps really creepy? It’s even worse when Santa’s voice box is broken just enough to make a slight groaning sound every so often. Zombie Santa, anyone?


We finished up Christmas Day with gifts at the husband’s parents’ home and dinner at his grandma’s. We made it home in time to pay special attention to Pixel (our parakeet). I felt terrible for leaving him alone for the greater portion of Christmas, but I kept reminding myself that he’s a bird and doesn’t really care about Christmas except for the extra treats he got. We actually bought a new parakeet on Sunday so that Pixel will have company once I start my job next week, but that’s  a tale for another day.

So, what did I get for Christmas, you ask? Maybe you didn’t ask. You probably don’t care. I don’t blame you if you don’t care, but I’m a blogger, and typing about important stuff to me that you may or may not care about is kind of my thing.  *ducks*

First up: Volume 1 and 2 of Julia Child’s famous set of cook books. Can’t wait to actually make some of her recipes!

My parents also got me this awesome cast iron Dutch oven (6 quarts, made by Lodge) that I asked for. I broke it in with Italian Beef Stew this evening (recipe coming soon). I’m already in love! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

And now, for the grand finale…. that gorgeous knife. Wait, is that….

HOLY #$%q@#$, that’s a Shun knife! O.O


Pshew. I don’t feel like I’m deserving of such a nice knife. I had a $30  7″ Victorinox Fibrox Santoku knife on my wish list for Christmas, but then my husband and mother-in-law go and surprise me with this puppy. Seriously, I just about fainted when I saw the Shun box. Flabbergasted doesn’t even cover it.

(How does my husband know to get a Shun, you ask? He snooped on my Amazon browsing history, of course. Wow, just wow. I’m so lucky. 😀 )

Oh, and I have to add this in, even though it’s not directly relevant to food. From my sister (in law, technically speaking), I got this. A very fitting gift. I mean, did you SEE how many cookies I made before Christmas? Yeah, I think I need this one most of all!

Does that body ^ come with it?



So yeah. That’s my Christmas, for the most part! I hope you have all enjoyed the holidays, whatever you may celebrate! I’ll be back soon to celebrate New Year’s with a recipe roundup!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Recap

    1. That’s awesome that you’re a Zumba instructor! I’ve heard rave reviews of the classes, but I’m an at-home-exercise type of gal so that I can exercise in my PJs, lol. From how I felt after my first workout with the Wii Zumba, it’s gonna be great! I’m so excited – I especially love the music!


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