Ratatouille Tart

Ratatouille Tart
Ratatouille Tart

Are you scrambling to use up all of the summer veggies you possibly can like I am? After all, in the words of Eddard Stark, “Winter is Coming!” If you are, ratatouille is a great dish to make; you can take out several of those veggies in your fridge in one fell swoop. I have been making a lot of this version of Ratatouille from Food & Wine, but figured I would mix it up a bit last night by making a tart instead of my usual rustic version.


Lovely summer veggies! I’ve been having terrible luck with finding “good” tomatoes, for it to be tomato season (albeit nearing the end). The three tomatoes in this pic are beautiful, but they turned out to be tasteless and mealy. I’m looking forward to having a garden full of larger-variety tomato plants next summer, when my husband and I (hopefully) have a house (instead of an apartment)! I can’t complain too much, though… the cherry and Roma tomatoes I grew in containers this year turned out wonderfully. Sorry… off on a tangent. Meanwhile, back at the ranch….




You can use homemade sauce if you just happen to have it laying around. I didn’t, so I used the canned stuff. Please, don’t alert the authority.

Slice your veggies to be ^ that thin. I don’t have a mandoline or a food processor, just a very sharp knife. Note: If you have yellow squash, it would be delicious added into the veggie mix. Also, I planned to include tomato slices, but unfortunately the tomatoes I came away from the market with were not the greatest-tasting (*coughs* they were gross).

Oven preheated? Check. Puff pastry prepared? Check. Zucchini and pepper sliced? Check. Now you can slice the eggplant. I saved the eggplant for last, to reduce the unsightly browning that occurs when they are exposed to the air for any amount of time.

Arrange the veggies, like so. Drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt & pepper, to taste.

Yum! I know, I know… ratatouille does not “traditionally” contain cheese. Just trust me on this one, okay? Cheese = good.

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