Tamari and Mirin-Glazed Salmon (& a product review!)

As a food blogger, one of the perks is receiving products to test and review. I was recently given the opportunity to test and share my honest opinion of San-J Organic Tamari sauce. I have done quite a bit of Asian cooking and am very familiar with the taste of soy sauces, but this was…… Continue reading Tamari and Mirin-Glazed Salmon (& a product review!)

Lobster and Citrus-Fennel Salad Rolls

I should say “sort-of” lobster salad rolls. Because the only lobsters Kroger had were still swimming around the tank… and I don’t feel quite up to that yet. So in this recipe, I’m using imitation lobster meat which actually turned out to be pretty tasty. It’s made out of Alaskan Pollock. But anyway, this is…… Continue reading Lobster and Citrus-Fennel Salad Rolls